The Effective Case Acceptance Course

Presenter: Greg Winteregg, DDS
Continuing Education: 2 CE Units
Course Length: 2 hours

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The Effective Case Acceptance Course

Presenter: Greg Winteregg, DDS
Continuing Education: 2 CE Units
Course Length: 2 hours

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Do more of the comprehensive dentistry you love - and get paid for it!

Learn how to connect with patients so they truly understand the importance of their treatment plans.

People are different, so no script or "one size fits all" approach will work. Learn how to connect with different types of personalities.

Learn the top 3 mistakes that many dentists make in their case presentations.

Learn what to do when a patient says "I only want to do what insurance covers" or "I need to think about it first."

Find out how to make time for thorough case presentations so your patients truly understand their diagnosis and treatment plan.

“MGE showed me how to increase case acceptance drastically. I learned how to communicate better with my patients, present treatment, and address any objections or concerns they have so that they accept the ideal treatment plan for them—regardless of insurance coverage! As a result, we’re helping more patients get healthy and average monthly collections increased by 125%!—meaning we have more profit and funds to improve technology and quality of care in the office!”
– Michael Ofir, DMD Boston, MA
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The reason thousands of dentists have done this course...

In this course, you'll learn effective techniques to help patients accept and pay for full treatment plans. More case acceptance is a win-win for you and your patients because:

  • They get the treatment they need.
  • Your collections can increase dramatically.
  • You can do more of the comprehensive dentistry you love!

If you want to take advantage of new technologies and advancements in dentistry, and help patients get fully healthy – then first they must agree to the treatment! In this course, we’ll be sharing tools to improve communication with patients, present treatment effectively and overcome financial barriers.

We will demonstrate why scripts and “one size fits all” approaches to treatment presentations don’t work, and show you how to connect with patients, build trust quickly and help them understand the value of their treatment plan. This is the key to helping patients get the treatment they need and growing your practice revenues – without being dependent on insurance coverage.

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Not convinced yet? Here's more...

  • Learn why most patients don't do what you tell them. You've explained why they need their treatment plan, answered any questions and they still want to think about it. Why? We show you in this course.
  • You'll give your communication skills a facelift. Discover easy-to-apply methods to connect with patients so they truly understand their treatment plans.
  • Improve case presentations and treatment acceptance. This course will teach you what we've found to be the most important factor that determines whether a patient accepts treatment (or not).
  • Fewer cancellations and no-shows. Learn how improved case presentation skills can have a positive impact on cancellations and no-shows.
  • Ability to identify different patient "types" Not all patients are the same. You'll learn what these different patient "types" are and how to successfully identify, communicate with, and manage them, along with tips on how to turn them into long-term patients that follow through with treatment.
  • Get the blueprint for a winning case presentation. We've found that several basic conditions are present in just about every successful case presentation. This course shows you what these are, along with simple techniques that can help spark a desire in your patients to want the treatment they need.
  • Learn how to turn "I want to think about it" to "I want to start treatment!" This course will teach you how to address and tactfully resolve most patient objections. We'll discuss the common (and not so common) objections, including:
    • "I want to think about it."
    • "I only want to do what insurance covers."
    • "I can't afford it."
    • "I want to talk to my spouse first."
    • And more!
  • Avoid mistakes many dentists make. We show you the top three mistakes that many dentists make in their case presentations, along with how to avoid them.

“The impact the MGE training had on my practice was huge. My whole perspective and method of presenting treatment as well as communicating with patients improved. I felt comfortable and confident discussing treatment, as well as addressing patients’ concerns and objections to doing it. Statistically, we have tripled production!” – Charmaine Johnson, DDS Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“When I came to MGE, I learned how to really get through to my patients and get them to accept the treatment they need. And in just a few months, I tripled monthly production and collections—with no advertising or additional new patients!” – Sumbul Naqvi, DDS Boston, MA

About MGE

There’s no shortage of dental practice management or marketing firms. Many appear to offer the exact same services. It’s a wonder the average dentist doesn’t hit “information overload” from the choices available. It makes it difficult to determine which would be the best option for your individual practice.

So, you might be wondering: “What’s so special about MGE: Management Experts, Inc.?” Well, beyond the fact that we are arguably the largest dental practice management firm in the US if not the world, what truly makes us stand out is one thing: RESULTS.

At MGE, we live, sleep and breathe results. Clients come to us with a purpose – to improve conditions in their practice. If you read any of our literature or speak with one or more MGE clients you’ll see we uniformly get results: Doubled, tripled or quintupled revenues or new patients, less stress and financial success. Oftentimes, the results we get are so outrageous they may be hard to believe. It’s not uncommon to have prospective clients ask if they are real. Yes, they are. And with hard work and dedication you too could have similar results.

Like our results, the manner in which we help clients to obtain them are unique.

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“In the end, it's all about patients getting the treatment they need to restore health, function and aesthetic. MGE taught us how to communicate more effectively and help patients to see the value of the treatment they needed. We also learned how to seamlessly handle the financial discussion in a way that was comfortable for both us and them!"
– Bart Van Oostendorp, DDS